Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers

Founded in Fall 2003, Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers is a group of
families from southern New Jersey who are dedicated to diligently
teaching our children to love and serve God through a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ. (Deut. 6:6-9)

Our fun and fellowship  activities include a monthly support group, 
fieldtrips,  contests, sharing Christian and homeschool
resource information,  a track club and much more! Doorposts families 
are dedicated  to  supporting and  encouraging every homeschooling family alongthe journey to spiritual,  educational andrelational
success! All are welcome to  share in our uniquely multicultural
homeschool  adventure!

Our site is currently being developed, but take a look around... we're getting better every day!

Please email us  at for information or call 
856.885.7912 to leave a voicemail. Your call will be returned  promptly.

May the Lord bless your family & homeschool!

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